3D Treats


Welcome to the exciting 3D food printing world. We believe that food printing soon enough will be the same common as mobile phones and computers, which was hard to imagine just 40 years ago.
Future is here already and you can have innovations in your house or office right now. Whoever you are, a curios food lover, restaurant owner, creative home cook, technical student that builds printers himself, marketing manager in search of new ideas or just a mom that wants a cool cake for the child’s birthday, you can always find here something interesting for yourself.
We offer personalized solutions. We help make your craziest ideas come true. Just tell us your idea and we will find a way to make it.



We have ideas for any kind of events.

For business presentations and exhibitions we can do chocolate company logos and small printed bites for your clients.

For private parties, weddings and birthdays we can print small treats with your name or themed cakes with unique decorations. If you don’t have a sweet tooth, we can do savory printing as well. We are always happy to come to your event and make it even more interesting and memorable.



For our HORECA colleagues we have a lot to offer. We can help you to bring unique and exciting experience to your clients by producing for you designed butters, soup decorations, starters, side dishes and desserts in logo and/or theme of your restaurant or the names of your clients. Seasonal decorations will make your dishes magnificently special. You can offer something different and new every week without changing a whole menu.



Here you can order fresh, delicious and very special treats because you deserve to have it. While our shop is still under construction, you can simply send us email with your request. All that you see on our Instagram page can be made and altered according to your wishes and preferences.

About Me

Hi, my name is Elena, I am the creator of 3DTreats and this is my story

I always wanted to do something with food and especially I enjoyed cooking desserts. My professional path never brought me close to the food industry. I worked on TV, in marketing and with data. One day I have decided to write Sci-Fi book (since my grandpa was scientist and writer I think I also can writeJ). And in my book almost all food being printed. I so got very excited about it and couldn’t resist temptation to try it myself. That is how I end up with brand new 3D food printer in my hands which I was planning to use for catering business. Well (((…. If you want to make God laugh tell him about your plans J.

When I went to the company that I bought my printer from it was nice and funny. They showed beautiful things fast and accurately printed in butter. But I was planning to print desserts not serve my clients plain butter all the time. From here starts my food printing adventure. J

First weeks were absolute disappointment, my husband even advised me to sell it fast because things that I could produce were total disaster (only my 3 kids were very excited about it). If you ever tried to do food printing with current tech, you know exactly what I mean. I am sure very soon it will dramatically improve. But my first two month were struggling. I had to deal with printer that not always were doing what I want, with models that were not always workable, with different programs to make nice STL file and on top of that I didn’t have enough good recipes. You can imagine how sad is to see your perfectly printed thing coming as a big paddle from oven, being either nice but raw or cooked but ugly. Speed of the process also was an issue for any kind of more or less real cooking project idea. I could print some cake or plate deco relatively fast, but It felt like cheating. If I am going to do printed desserts it should be something that can’t be made other way and not small flower on top of standard dessert.

But I keep trying to find ways to make things good, fast and business worthy. J

With love,

Elena Duin